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Name : Dilan
Surename : Vitalie

1. Family name: DILAN
2. First names: Vitalie
3. Date of birth: 25/11/1972
4. Nationality: Moldavian
5. Civil status: Married
6. Education: Postgraduate
[Date from – Date to] Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Tiraspol State University [2006 – present] Part-time doctoral student
Mineral Research and Exploration General Directorate (Turkey) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) [2007] Diploma in:
Remote Sensing & GIS in Natural Hazards & Environmental Studies
Trimetrica (ESRI representative in Moldova) [2006 – 2007] Diploma in:
Introduction in ArcGIS 9.x part I
Introduction in ArcGIS 9.x part II

Tiraspol State University [2005 – 2006] MSc of Geography
Technical University of Moldova [2006] Diploma in:
Geodetic Reference Systems
Diploma in:
Digital Photogrammetriy
Institute of Educational Sciences [2003] Diploma in:
Curriculum development
Teaching/evaluation technologies
Informatisation of educational process
“Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania [1999 – 2006] Part-time doctoral student
Tiraspol State University [1990 – 1995] Bachelor of Geography and Biology

7. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)
Reading Speaking Writing
Romanian 1 (native) 1 (native) 1 (native)
Rusian 1 1 1
English 1 2 4
French 2 4 5

8. Membership of professional bodies:
NGO “OIKUMENA” (The President)
Intergraph GeoSpatial Users Community
The Moldavian Geographical Society (Member of the Board)
University Consortium for GIS Research and Education (Member of the Board)

9. Other skills:
Computer skills
Software Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Front Page
Intergraph GeoMedia 5.x
ArcView GIS 3.x
ArcGis Desktop (8.x, 9.x)
System Windows, Windows NT
Internet browsers Internet Explorer, Opera

10. Present position:
NGO “OIKUMENA” – The President
Moldavian Ecotourism Association – The President
Tiraspol State University – Lecturer

11. Years within the firm:
NGO “OIKUMENA” – since 2005
Moldavian Ecotourism Association – since 2001
Tiraspol State University – since 1995

12. Key qualifications (relevant to the project): The following KQs are “standard” and must be reviewed for relevance to the project.

13. Specific experience in the region:
Country Date from – Date to
Romania 2000 – 2003
Ukraine 2006 – 2007
1. Professional experience
Date from – Date to Location Company Position Description
January 2007 – present Chisinau,
Moldova NGO “OIKUMENA” GIS Consultant Project: “Geoinformational support of biodiversity conservation in Moldova”
The project will design a GIS framework for effective in situ biodiversity conservation in Moldova.
GIS consultant responsibility:
- Pre-processing of ASTER satellite images and prepare for Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Land Use/Land Cover thematic map extraction. The ASTER stereo image data can be easily used to generate a Digital Elevation Models at 30-m resolution of quite good quality. At this moment, there are enough ASTER stereo image data of good quality in the NASA’s archive which can be used to generate a Digital Elevation Model for entire area of the Republic of Moldova.
- Generate the DEM for Moldova from the ASTER image stereo data using ERDAS image processing software and Hydrologically adjust the generated DEM using ArcInfo software.
- Generate CORINE Land Use/Land Cover thematic map and in field validation.
- Generate the Soil Types digital thematic map from the paper Soil Plans of high-resolution (1:10000), which are available for almost all rural communities of the country.
August 2006 – present Chisinau,
Moldova Information Management and GIS Expert Group of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) National focal point Terms of Reference:
The ad hoc IM+GIS EG is entrusted to carry out the following main tasks:
ICPDR Information System:
- support the further development and operation of the ICPDR Information System;
- organise, if necessary, training workshops in order to ensure the usability of the ICPDR Information System by delegates and members of the ICPDR Expert Bodies.
Danube River Basin GIS:
- assist in processes of data harmonisation of national datasets considering data requirements of the WFD and ICPDR Expert Bodies (including data and metadata modelling, data validation, encoding, etc) and in development of GIS-related criteria needed to set up and operate the DRB GIS;
- guide the development of cartographic and GIS-related tools necessary for the implementation of DRPC requirements and implementation of the WFD in the Danube River Basin District;
- explore both the potential for a closer cooperation and the technical implications of enabling inter-operability of the Danube GIS and the Water Information System for Europe (WISE) and to identify - concrete steps for making it operational;
- assist in the production of reports and maps required by ICPDR Expert Bodies;
- assist in developing and utilizing specific information management tools considering the needs of other ICPDR Expert Bodies;
September 2006 – Mai 2007 Chisinau,
Moldova NGO “OIKUMENA” Project Manager Project: “Elaboration of GIS Maps of the Prut river basin”
- identification of cartographic data sources, statistical and other data for elaboration of GIS map;
- in field actualization of state environment components using GPS measurements;
- elaboration of thematic GIS map using “DANUBEGIS” standards (templates);
-develop attribute table of GIS map using “DANUBEGIS” standards ;
- upload designed map in the “DANUBEGIS” MapServer.
January 2006 – December 2006 Chisinau,
Moldova Moldavian Ecotourism Association Project Manager Project: ”Elaboration of Municipal Environmental Spatial Decision Support System”
Elaboration of Municipal Environmental Spatial Decision Support System, capable to permit operative acces care ar permite accesul operativ la informaţia de mediu disponibilă a unui spectru larg de utilizatori, de la reprezentanţii Autorităţii Centrale de Mediu, autorităţilor publice locale, până la publicul larg, prin intermediul unui Sistem Informaţional Geografic (S.I.G.) modern, care va fi disponibil în două forme: pe suport CD şi pe Internet.
The project has the following objectives:
- elaboration of the basic digital map
- elaborarea of GIS tematic maps, according existing envinronmental information;
- in field actualization of state of the environment components using GPS measurements;
- integration of digital maps in the SDSS;
- publication of SDSS on CD and via Internet.
January 2005 – December 2006 Chisinau,
Moldova Tiraspol State University
GIS Laboratory GIS Consultant Project: “GIS of the Lower Dniester First National Park”
The project has the following objectives:
1. To create a cartographic database as vector and raster layers to illustrate the geographical particularities of the region and series of attributes tables attached to it to characterize the cartographically non-represented features of the elements represented on the maps
2. To make complex phisico-geographical and environmental analysis for gaining deeper knowledge related to the individuality of the studied zone reported to bordering areas.
Project activity:
- Documentation from the bibliography of specialty. Some primary data collections have to be introduced in the system relating to the environment quality, topographic map (1:50,000), and thematic maps (1:200,000), such as geological maps, map of Quaternar sediments, and geomorphologic and soil maps.
- The second step consists of fulfilling the already existing data with new information obtained from the territory, which mainly focuses on representing on the map the geomorphologic processes, vegetation, road network, pollution sources, etc.
- The last step consists of making thematic maps in digital format. The thematic maps will be realized on the scale of the cartographic input material (1:50,000), their digital format consisting of: raster type, including a digital elevation model of territory, relief energy map, slope map, aspect map, hillshade map, pollution agents concentration map, etc.; and vector type, including geologic map, geomorphologic map, drainage map, vegetation map, soil map, environment quality map, etc.
These layers will have a series of attributes tables attached to them that will characterize parameters that cannot or need not be represented on the map.
Research Conclusions:
The goal of this project is to manage and develop the natural areas in this region. A cartographic and table database that we get at the end of the project will be used by different institutions interested in the management improvement of the first National Park “Nistrul de Jos” (Lower Dniester). Also, the resulting GIS will be used by local authorities for the documentation of territory organization and sustainable social-economic development projects. All the obtained information will be united into an integrated GIS that will be available on the World Wide Web or on CD support.
July 2004 – July 2005 Stefan Voda district,
Moldova REC-Moldova GIS Consultant Project: “Strengthening Public Participation in Local Environmental Action Plan development and implementation in Stefan Voda district”
Project Activities:
Analysis and evaluation of the present state of environment in Stefan Voda district, prioritisation of existing environmental problems, specification of transboundary environmental problems;
Organizing a Community Forum to launch the LEAP process in Stefan Voda district;
Elaborating a community vision concerning the environmental state of Stefan Voda district in 20 years;
Organizing a public information campaign in the field of LEAP elaboration and implementation and public participation in environmental decision- making;
Promoting partnerships between local public authorities and other community sectors
Identifying a set of priority projects for the district;
Assessment of financial needs and identification of potential long-term financial sources to support the priority projects;
Establishment of Public Advisory Council to be involved in LEAP development and implementation;
Issuing a guide addressing public participation in local environmental planning and a map of "hot" spots of the district.
July 2004 – September 2004 Chisinau,
Moldova Ministry of Environment and natural resources,
“Biodiversity” Center GIS Consultant Project: “Reevaluation of protected areas in the Briceni and Ocnita raions”
Terms of Reference:
- Elaboration of GIS map of protected areas from Briceni raion;
- Elaboration of digital map of limits for Rososeni, Tetcani, Caracuseni and Larga;
- Creation of integrated GIS database for each protected areas including vegetation maps, relief, climatic, hidrology, soils etc…
- Elaboration of proposal for elaboration of management plans of each protected area.
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