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Name : Andrei
Surename : Iacovlev

Born in 1979, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
Farther: military geodesy engineer, colonel-lieutenant on retire. Mother: thermo installation engineer.
1993-1995 Ukrainian lyceum, Chisinau; mathematics and programming class.
1995-2000 Technical University of Moldova, Faculty Cadastre, Geodesy and Construction, Cathedra Geodesy, Cadastre and Geotecnics. Specialization Geodesy and Cartography.
2003-2004 Technical University of Moldova, Master degree in Cadastre and Geodesy.
Theme of master work “Implementation of utility networks cadastre in mun.Chisinau”
Since 2000 in private firm “TANJAR-CO”, which is one of the biggest on the market of the topographic and geotechnic works in Moldova. In 2004 was appointed as chief of “Data processing and GIS Technologies” section.
Since September 2004 – assistant lector in Technical University of Moldova, Cathedra Geodesy, Cadastre and Geotecnics
Automatization of Surveying work; Aim is to get students familiar with field data collecting using modern techniques for large scale topographic and utility plans.
Topographic drawing; Aim is to get students familiar with digital large scale topographic and utility plans creation.
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